Fact: Airfleet is a MarTech agency.  Shocker, right?
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Fact: Airfleet is a MarTech agency. Shocker, right?

Jen Naiff
Jen Naiff

When I applied to work at Airfleet I didn’t really think about the name. I just saw the job title, I read through the job description and hit apply. My husband asked me when I got invited for an interview, “‘so, what do they do?’ to which I replied with ‘I think they’re like an agency. The job spec talks about WordPress sites so I’m guessing it’s a web dev agency.’ Hubby nodded and said ‘cool.’

Roll forward 4 months and it is clearly evident to me now that AirFleet is indeed a MarTech agency. How do I know this? Well, I got the job. Do other people know this? Not so much.

Now, in my first week, I remember thinking it was utterly bonkers that we are this awesome marketing technology agency and we don’t actually do any marketing ourselves. I even created a meme about how bonkers it was. Here I was, recruited to talk about marketing strategies with our customers and no one is talking about our marketing strategy internally.

As I began working my way through video call after video call and got settled into the company’s Slack workspace, I began to hear murmurings of people talking about the SEO guy and the Analytics dude and I thought ‘awesome!’, but as with all the other people I’d met, they too were just working on client projects, doing nothing for Airfleet, which simply had to change.

Shifting the conversation

I went to work on creating a marketing strategy for Airfleet and had initial conversations with people around the business, who were all super positive and genuinely excited about raising our profile and doing our own marketing, which was awesome. But, I too fell into the same trap they did and days turned into weeks, which turned into months and it’s nearly the end of November and I’ve still not kicked off our marketing activity as I’ve been focusing on clients, the projects we’re running and my team.

If I were to list the capabilities we have internally, there are probably just a handful of customers who will know the true extent of our offer. Sure, website development is our bread and butter, but it’s a fraction of what we can actually do.

Right now we have an analytics, data, BI & CRO expert, an SEO expert, an exceptional Designer, and full 360 marketing strategists with insane experience across social, paid media, branding, content, automation and so much more. It is this expertise that we need to tell the world about and it’s why we'll be updating our branding, and relaunching our website in the coming months along with kicking off our own marketing.

I strongly believe that we need to show you what we can do in order for you to engage us in working together on growing your business.

So, watch this space.