Hotjar just got hotter!

Hotjar just got hotter!

Jen Naiff
Jen Naiff

Hotjar has just released a new update to their filters for incoming feedback and it's pretty epic. Here’s why…

Asking for feedback on your website is one of those things you know you should do but instead, we just live in fear of it as trying to sort through feedback can be a nightmare as you sift through irrelevant, spam and downright odd responses. So, to help us tight-on-time marketers, the awesome team at Hotjar have answered our wishes and added some new filters to help us find actionable insights quicker.

New filters on Hotjar. Credit Hotjar.

The new filters:

  1. Written feedback - you can now filter by feedback that in/excludes feedback that has been written. This is an awesome inclusion as you know when someone has bothered to actually write something in a feedback request, their feedback will be meaningful.
  2. Happy to be contacted - we really love this one as you can now find those who are happy to be contacted as a follow up super quickly.
  3. Date filter - this can have a huge impact on marketing insights as it’ll allow you to go back to when you launched a new product, updated your website, brand etc so you’ll be able to compare feedback from before and after in order to know if you’re on the right path or not.
  4. Keywords - If you’re looking for something specific in all the feedback you have, so for example you’ve just remapped the login process and you’re looking to see whether people love it or hate it, you can just search for feedback that contains ‘login’ and you’ve got all the relevant items immediately.
  5. URL - This one is going to be awesome for when you’re A/B testing as you can specify the URLs and then compare feedback from each page.
  6. Ratings - if you’re specifically looking for negative or neutral feedback, or perhaps you want positive feedback for a new testimonial campaign, you can now do this quickly and easily.
  7. Location* - Running a campaign in Germany? Launched a new product in Singapore? Just select the right location and see feedback just from users in the specified location.
  8. Device* - Got a new mobile site? Changed the responsiveness of some pages? Getting complaints from people on Android? Just jump on in and select the relevant device from the filter to see how the pages work for these devices.

These new filter features are going to be a game-changer as they’ll help marketers to be able to have a continual and specific stream of feedback at their fingertips and remove the laborious nature of sitting down to go over every single response to find that elusive needle in the haystack.

If you use Hotjar, make sure to jump into your account and check this awesome update out for yourself and let us know how you get on.

** Location & device filters are only available on Plus, Business and Scale packages