How LawGeex was quick to build a valuable resource to the global legal community during Covid-19

Sima Megrel Shubzak
Sima Megrel Shubzak
“Imagine the world is changing in front of your eyes and there is nothing you can do but to be the one leading the transformation,” says Sima about the 2-week period when COVID-19 broke in late February. “We needed this website made with urgent speed, and at great quality, and that’s exactly what we managed to get in a week.”

Sima is the marketing director at LawGeex, one of the most well known legal tech brands in the world. LawGeex recently completed a project, with the help of AirFleet, to create an innovative minisite which helps enterprises maintain business continuity during COVID-19.

We’ve asked her to share with us her experiences of working with AirFleet, and she agreed. “We couldn’t have done it without AirFleet,” she tells us.

Here’s why:

What is LawGeex?

LawGeex is a SaaS company which enables in-house legal teams to close deals faster by its award winning AI powered product. They have offices in Tel Aviv, New York, Utah, and are leading the way in a fast-changing industry.

AirFleet has been working with LawGeex for a while now. AirFleet helped LawGeex develop their main website and several landing pages, and assisted with various tech marketing activities, long before helping them switch their popular Legal Tech Buyers' Guide from PDF to a digital minisite format.  

“The legal tech landscape is changing very quickly, so we need to be able to update the guide in real time. Digital is basically a much easier format for us. It’s also a great resource for the industry. It really gives value for our audiences in the legal community.”

LawGeex created the initial layout with a design agency, and then AirFleet took over to convert it into a flexible, easy to use WordPress style guide. “It’s given us complete freedom and independence in presenting our site,” Sima explains.

Creating the site was not without its challenges. “It’s a huge amount of data we’re dealing with,” says Sima. “We needed a solution to help us navigate all this data efficiently, that would present the data in a way that’s accessible for readers. That’s another of the areas in which AirFleet was really helpful. Again, AirFleet knew exactly what both the business and the site users would need, and made it work in the best possible way.”

The result is a minisite that guides users through every category in legal tech, helping in-house counsel make better tech buying decisions. It was an almost instant success, and firmly established LawGeex as a market leader. “It took on a life of its own very quickly,” Sima says. “By this point it's become the bible of legal tech.”

With a strong working relationship and a history of success, LawGeex and AirFleet knew they were well positioned to provide another much needed resource to help the industry through COVID-19.

Enabling Business Continuity During COVID-19

Within days of the COVID-19 crisis hitting the headlines, it became clear to the LawGeex team that they could offer businesses something of real value.

People needed information about what to do next. What should be their top priority as a business? Early on, LawGeex identified that business continuity is critical for companies to function with less headcount and fewer resources, while evaluating if they are exposed to new risk.

“If someone from legal is not at work, all of their knowledge becomes unavailable,” explains Sima. “That can seriously hurt business and legal continuity, and is why automation of data and processes is so important in our post COVID-19 world.”

LawGeex had the knowledge and resources to help out. “We knew we could help businesses to ensure continuity through this pandemic, so we worked super hard to create a new minisite and tailored content, which would share best practices for the community.”

First, our team held a webinar on the subject - which very quickly gained a huge amount of traction.

“We had hundreds of people registering for the webinar, without doing any promotion at all. That made it clear that this subject was our users' primary concern.”

The minisite was due to go live the following day, to build upon the webinar material, so time was critical. It was clear that, with the global situation changing by the hour and businesses racing to adapt, this resource could not come fast enough, yet LawGeex has high standards.

“It’s a very subtle site,” says Sima. “We wanted it to bring value, not generate leads. We didn’t want it to have our branding all over it in such a way that it might interrupt the user experience.”

Luckily, AirFleet was there to help.

“It’s always wonderful how available AirFleet make themselves”, Sima says, “they really helped us to hit gold in what would have been a difficult project without their professional advice”

Communication is Key

Nir, AirFleet’s project manager, was invaluable in bringing this important project to life.

“Nir is absolutely the right person to have on our side through this,” Sima smiles. “I basically spoke with Nir every hour, every day. He understood the situation and the urgency so he was super-communicative and made himself very available.”

Nir and Sima often worked late into the night to speed the project along, but at no point did they rush anything. “I am very picky,” Sima explains, “I am rigid on the need to always get the best possible results. Nir picked up on that, and did a really detail-oriented job. So, even though we were trying to get the site out quickly, we didn't leave any open ends. I totally trusted him to do everything perfectly, even with the tight deadline.”

Sima believes that communication was key in completing  such a complicated project to such a high standard in so short a timeframe.

“From working with AirFleet I know that there’s often more than one way to build assets. Nir is never afraid to tell us when there is a better way to implement something. And I am always completely straightforward with him - we don’t hold back when it comes to communication, and I think that’s why our work processes are so smooth.”

Building on a Solid Foundation

A large part of the success of the most recent project is due to the quality of AirFleet's original work with Sima 1.5 years ago. The versatility and ease of use of the original minisite template built by AirFleet underpinned the new COVID-19 minisite, helping Sima reach her goals far more quickly than she had expected.

LawGeex immediately began looking ahead to new projects, knowing that AirFleet has their backs. “We have so many projects with AirFleet, and they always find the best way for us to get the results we need,” says Sima, “It’s a technical world, and things might happen. But AirFleet is always so quick to provide a solution. I am definitely satisfied we have AirFleet on board.”

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