Daryn Edison

Director of Sales & Operations

Angelika Skrobot

Project Manager

Shimi Silberg

Project Manager

Anis Arpadzic

Workflow Coordinator & QA

Dina Goldshtein

Head of Design

Carmen Silvestre


Nuno Freitas


Stacey King

CRO & Digital Analyst

Mateusz Bajak

Senior Developer

Donovan Maidens

Lead Developer

Amit Rousso-Brenner

Project Manager

Vasile Rusnac

Solutions Architect

Daniela Belaya

Project Manager

Ran Metser


Elad Hefetz


Roy Fruchter

Head of Operations

Maryna Fetysova

Finance Operations Manager

Jeremy Hahn

Project Manager

David Drabkin

Director of Web Solutions


Project Manager

Drazen Biljak

Lead Developer

Work remotely with a global team of experts

It’s indisputable. We have awesome people and a great culture. We care about the growth of ourselves and our clients.

Open remote positions

Don’t see a fit? Apply anyway.

We’re always on the lookout for talented people who embody our values and support our mission. Submit a general application to be considered for a role in the future.

At Airfleet, even if we’re not together, we like to have fun!

We work remotely, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take time to get to know one another. And laugh. A lot.

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Can I work remotely?

Of course! Worldwide and even in our HQ at Israel, before and after Covid-19, working remotely was always our favorite method. As long as you can be productive, we encourage you to work wherever you want – even on the moon if you can get reliable internet there.

Are you hiring full-time or part-time?

It depends on the position and is clearly marked on the job description. We typically are looking for full-time people, but make sure to double-check the specific position you’re interested in.

Which tools do you use?

Our main tools we can’t live without are:

Asana – for project management, this is where we live daily

Slack – our favorite tool for direct communication, sharing memes and catching up

Everhour – we time track everything using Everhour

Google Meet – that’s how we mainly get face time with one another and with clients

Notion – our knowledge base

Other tools include Miro, bunch of AI notetakers, Zoom and anything that helps us be productive.

What does your tech stack looks like?

Referring to our customer websites, we work on our own WordPress platform which we develop in-house.

The go-to implementation will include: HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Looker Studio, HotJar, CookieBot & AccessiBe.

Other platforms we often implement for CRO are Trendemon & VWO and Drift.

From a web development perspective we use GitHub with DeployHQ for CI/CD. Everything is linted and follows modern development practices. We’ve seen all IDEs from notepad++ to JetBrains and Visual Studio.

What timezones do you work in?

We have two main timezones where we support clients – Israel and US (both EST and PST).

For client facing roles, we must have at least 6 hours of overlap with our clients.

For non-client facing roles we are usually more flexible, but still need to have some overlap with the rest of the team.

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