Never Leave Your Content Behind

Content migration process to make sure your content, SEO and old URLs will continue to work for you


Mapping from Inside Out

Unlike any other SEO experts, we start our mapping from within your current website. This makes sure we will never miss an unindexed or a private page behind.

Using our two way mapping process, we’ll match external indexed pages with wordpress export list to ensure all content will have a place on your new website.


Automated & Manual Migration

No one likes to copy and paste hundreds of pages from their old website.

Our migration process will ensure any relevant content will migrate to your new website, news, events, resources, blogs and any type of content you wish to keep.

What we can’t migrate automatically will be manually copied into the newly designed website.

URL Redirects

Redirects for SEO and User Experience

No one likes clicking on a link and seeing a 404 page.

Our URL redirects will take care of any changes of the URL structure, including supporting removal of un-needed content, adding URL folders and any random URL you might had before.

Based on the initial mapping the redirect implementation will ensure no 404 are shown on the new website.