SEO for Tech B2B – Not More Traffic. More Conversions!

Our SEO approach is all about conversion, traffic is just a means to an end.

Keyword Research

Business Driven Keyword Research

It’s all about the keyword (or actually, the search query).

Getting the right keywords will make or break your SEO strategy. Using our business predictive formula for keywords we manage to get keywords that have high intent and persona fit for getting the right pages created.

With keywords clusters and proper weight of intent, we create the keywords list that is right for your business and not just right for more traffic.

Keyword planner - Keyword Research Example

Competitor Benchmark

Your Competitors Backlinks and Keywords

To improve your ranking we need to know who you up against. Direct competitors or just other alternatives, both can be a target for getting relevant organic traffic.

We’ll analyze and report on your competitors, their ranking compared to yours, and highlight any potential quick wins or keepers into our SEO strategy.

We’ll measure backlinks, keywords, content creation and other organic metrics so we’ll have a benchmark to work with.

Competitor Benchmark Example

SEO Strategy

Clear Action Plan to Get Your KPIs

We’re geared towards goals achievement.

Once our goals and metrics are set, we’ll come up with the appropriate SEO strategy, which is a full on action plan for 6 months to a year that includes all of our expected SEO initiatives.

From content refresh and optimization, through content creation and custom SEO initiatives, we’ll map on a timeline what you should expect in terms of deliverables and impact, and also what is expected from you to achieve the goal.

SEO Strategy - Roadmap example

SEO Content Calendar

From Blog Posts to New Pages

One of the main metrics for Google is amount of content generated. While quality is more important than quantity, without enough content, the quality won’t matter.

We’ll create a quarterly content calendar with pages to be optimized and pages to be created.

Each page will include relevant structure, related keywords, topics, meta tags and any JSON scheme needed.

We’ll be part of your content creation team and process to ensure no content is published without being optimized for SEO.

SEO Content Calendar Example

Blog refresh

Make Old Content New Again

Content decay is a real SEO issue.

While not all content was born equal, some content is really worth refreshing when the traffic starts to get lower, especially in case of a top converting or high engaged blog post.

Using our content decay dashboard we’ll see which content deserves a refresh and will suggest optimization and adjustments to make it more up to date and increase back its traffic.

VIP Pages

Make Your Ranked Pages Even Better

Our own code name for pages that can really make an impact.

High intent, core pages, or extra value pages that are ranked anywhere between 2-7 in Google’s first SERP, will get a special treatment to increase their rank even in 1 or 2 ranks to achieve a much greater volume of traffic.

Pages that perform good, can be great.

Our second batch of VIP pages are pages ranked in Google’s second SERP, which by optimizing them and ranking in the first page, can double the traffic and even more.

SEO - Optimizing on Page VIP Pages

Programmatic SEO

Leverage Technology for Better SEO

Getting hyper specific in your website pages while creating thousands of web pages without scaling your content team.

Our programmatic SEO is tailored per each client, but follows the same structure:

  • Identifying relevant long tail, high intent specific keywords
  • Creating a template structure that can be re-used
  • Mapping and creating one to two unique paragraphs
  • Importing a spreadsheet into your website to generate auto-created pages without the need to maintain hundreds or thousands of pages
Programmatic SEO - Hero Programmatic SEO Example

BoFu Pages Optimization

It’s All About The Money

While SEO is a long term game and should support even with prospects that aren’t ready to buy yet, the ones that are ready to buy – should see you first.

Our “Money Pages” creation will focus on super high intent search terms such as “{{Competitor}} Alternatives”, “{{Competitor}} Pricing”, “Best {{Solution}} platform” and more.

Those pages can be used for both SEO and paid purposes to make sure your brand is there when a prospect is in the last phase of their decision.