Website Conversion Optimization

More meetings, more leads, more engagement and much better buyer experience

Analytics Infrastructure

More Than a Gut Feeling

While we totally trust our guts, proper data is the key for buyer journey optimization.

Our analytics infrastructure is based on Google Analytics 4 and a Google Looker Studio dashboard. Using proper segmentation, the right behavioral events, naming convention, UTM forwarding and proper marketing pixels setup – we’re able to know what’s working and what doesn’t so we’ll focus our efforts in places that will create the best impact we’re after.

Insights to Action Items

Hypothesis and Experimentation

Data, reports and dashboards are fun and all, but without the insights, recommendations and hypothesis you can have analysis paralysis.

We’ll extract the insights based on the data, including reviewing heat maps and recording to come up with an analysis of what’s working and what needs to be improved and how this can be achieved.

Using our insights driven action plan you’ll be able to optimize your buyer journey faster than ever.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

With the GDPR compliance and the increase of marketing pixels and tools, maintenance of GTM is no longer a nice to have.

Using our standard GTM container, we’ll organize your GTM in folders, tags, triggers and variable that’ll make sense and be easy to scale.

We’ll also implement our best practice for your marketing pixels, tracking and analytics tools and ensure full compliance with GDPR by integrating GTM with CookieBot.

A/B Testing

Some Stuff Cannot Be Predicted

Experimenting is a very important part of marketing.

We all think we know what our prospects will do once presented with specific messaging, graphic, button or form, but we often are surprised by reality.

Experimenting in B2B isn’t easy due to relatively low numbers, but main messaging, high promoted landing pages and cross-industry experimentation can sometimes help us make a decision faster.

Let’s Get Personalized

Behavior and Data Driven Personalization

Personalization in B2B is often neglected due to what is seems a complex setup.

Personalization in B2B will improve the buyer journey and help decrease sales cycles by getting the prospect to the right place faster.

With persona or industry tailored messaging and use cases, coupled with returning visitors journey optimization, we create a more sophisticated and personalized experience for every visitor.

Using tools such as Trendemon and VWO, the implementation can be streamlined and scaled to fit different scenarios.

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Conversational Marketing

AKA Smart Chatbots

There are two types of marketers reactions to chatbot implementation – “OMG it actually works” or “It’s totally redundant”. If you’re the latter it means you’re doing it wrong.

Proper implementation of chatbots are vertical across all of your marketing and sales initiatives. As a standalone tool, chatbot might not bring a lot of value, but implemented to support other initiatives – conversional marketing can be an amazing strategy to amplify any marketing initiatives.

More webinar registrations, increase engagement, more meetings booked, and more discussions with sales.

Using the latest AI tools, you can even qualify faster and help your prospects get the data they need for making a decision.