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Websites are so 2020 –
We’ll create your marketing hub

Covering you from acquisition, engagement – all the way to conversion – our process is tailor-made for B2B tech. We’ll make sure you have a new website in no time. And it will be one that works.

“We started digging into SEO with AirFleet, and every month we saw our web traffic increase. It was a huge improvement.”

Sagih Keinan, VP Marketing

“From the design aspect, Dina has been patient, responsive, and not judgemental of our opinions regarding her work which I greatly appreciate.”

Liron Ben Horin, Co-Founder

“The Airfleet team is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, organised, and transparent which we really appreciate as a client.”

Kelly Paxman, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

“Airfleet is built from a group of professionals who really knows the business.”

Ami Shimkin, Director of Marketing

“Airfleet is one of the most professional partners I’ve ever worked with.”

Moran Halevi, Digital Marketing Lead

Visual Identity

Great sites have great design. 

Great brands have an amazing visual identity.

We’ll match your story with amazing visuals that will serve as the foundation of your brand’s look and feel. And the great part? We’ll do it in a month.

  • A fully-fledged brand book
  • A logo that matches your brand
  • Guidelines for any visuals created for your brand

Website Strategy (Information Architecture)

Ever get lost on a website? Never worry about it happening to your visitors.

Using our process – including surveys, a page manifest, sections, wireframes and a thoughtful approach to your buyer journey – we’ll create a mock-up of your new website.

  • Our Conversion Rate Optimization experts will guide you through the how and why
  • Our UX experts will create the finest wireframes you’ve ever seen
  • Our tools make the process a breeze
  • Our content guidelines will make sure your words make the maximum impact

Website Design

Great sites have great design.

Amazing sites have content-driven design.

Our designs are based in science and aligned with actions you want your users to take. They’ll look great, too.

  • Graphics that mirror your words
  • Amazing animations that bring your website to life
  • Product illustrations that make things easy to understand for your visitors
  • A perfect implementation of your visual identity in a website

Website Development

Yes we write code, but it’s more than just development.

Using our web platform, we’ll create a design that is responsive, consistent – and we’ll do it fast. We’ll also accommodate marketing integrations, custom funnels, best practices and other special requirements.

  • Built on a web platform dedicated to B2B technology marketers
  • A fully editable, easy and intuitive CMS that’ll have you creating pages in minutes
  • Technical experts for any custom web solution you can dream up

Content Migration

Believe it or not, we LOVE to migrate content.

Being super SEO conscientious and consumer aware, we’ll migrate any valuable content over to your newly designed website.

  • A content migration plan starting on day one
  • URL redirects that will work for Google and your visitors
  • Automated and manual migrations, based on the need

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