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A marketing team specializing in B2B Tech dedicated to your company’s success

We are a team of creative marketing experts – from B2B technology backgrounds – who understand the ideal buyer experience for your products and services. Experience our white-glove approach to website optimization.

“We started digging into SEO with AirFleet, and every month we saw our web traffic increase. It was a huge improvement.”

Sagih Keinan, VP Marketing

“From the design aspect, Dina has been patient, responsive, and not judgemental of our opinions regarding her work which I greatly appreciate.”

Liron Ben Horin, Co-Founder

“The Airfleet team is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, organised, and transparent which we really appreciate as a client.”

Kelly Paxman, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

“Airfleet is built from a group of professionals who really knows the business.”

Ami Shimkin, Director of Marketing

“Airfleet is one of the most professional partners I’ve ever worked with.”

Moran Halevi, Digital Marketing Lead

Technical Perfection

Our services are built on top of a solid technical foundation.

We’ll monitor your website health, identify technical issues and fix everything for a stress-free experience.

  • Full Web Core Vitals Audit and Optimization
  • Technical SEO that will get Google to love you
  • Full maintenance, uptime monitoring and bug fixes
  • Security audits that will help your CISO sleep at night

Website Enhancement

Your website should move faster than your product.

Our website enhancement service includes the design and development of new pages. We’ll also recommend and support marketing initiatives that will help you differentiate your brand from your competition.

  • Website visual design, based on B2B technology industry best practices
  • Website development with your marketing strategy in mind
  • Our tools make the process a breeze for your team
  • Benefit from marketing initiative add-ons like an ROI calculator, wizard assessment and interactive web pages

Our CRO Approach

Creative brand building is a must, but without conversion rate optimization, you can’t justify your initiatives.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) approach includes analyzing, providing insights and optimizing for what will make the biggest impact on your business.

  • Google Analytics 4 infrastructure
  • Marketing insights that lead to optimization
  • Google Tag Manager administration
  • A/B testing and personalization from strategy to implementation

Our SEO Approach

Our SEO goals are different. We do NOT care about traffic. We care about conversions.

SEO for B2B technology should be different. Stop measuring vanity metrics (like website traffic to your blog), and start measuring business generated from organic sources.

Our formula for success is (product features) x (relevant audience) x (intent level). We found that the best SEO strategy is rooted in understanding your ideal customer’s needs.

  • Keyword research with intent in mind
  • Content optimization that leads to more conversions
  • Programmatic SEO for a better content creation process
  • Technical SEO driven by our in-house development expertise

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