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US - MarTech Project Manager

A New Year, a New Start!  We are Hiring!...AirFleet is all about turning marketers into superheroes by solving their day-to-day MarTech challenges. We do that by understanding their needs, scoping out solutions, and leading a global engineering team to deliver the best results they could ever wish for. 

As a Project Manager at AirFleet, you'll be acting in a unique role through which you will get to utilize both your MarTech, and management skills. The projects you’ll be working on are highly varied, and include web development, marketing automation, SEO, and analytics. 

You’ll be working with top marketing teams from some of the most interesting companies in the tech industry, such as MyHeritage, Intel, AppsFlyer, and many more.

So, what will you actually do?:

  1. Scope and organize multiple client projects for development and integration.
  2. Manage your own global team of developers to make each project a success.
  3. Communicate the client’s needs internally to the technical team.
  4. Make sure the requirements, budget and timelines are always met.
  5. See the process from beginning to end, while creating strong relationships with our clients.

Why AirFleet, you ask? Because you’ll get to:

  • Deliver cool projects for top tech B2B companies.
  • Gain a valuable mix of both professional management & technical experience.
  • Work remotely.
  • Have the opportunity to advance and manage critical processes in development & operations.
  • Work with a fun and multicultural team in an extremely fast-paced environment.

What we want you to have:

  • 2+ Years of experience in a technical project or product management work, preferably working directly with developers and decision-makers within the company.
  • A genuine interest in the tech-marketing world, with a background, and experience with tools used frequently by marketing teams such as WordPress, Marketo, HubSpot, Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Optimizely etc.
  • Tech savviness - You love technology and aren’t afraid to try new platforms, tools, and taking care of simple integrations if needed.
  • Self-organization - You must have a natural tendency for creating order and structure. Time management is everything.
  • People person - great communication skills, can easily work with both technical and non-technical contacts.
  • Willing and dedicated to work in irregular hours & under significant pressure if needed.

 Bonus Points:

  1. Experience in Marketing Ops at a tech company marketing department.
  2. Experienced with tools used frequently by marketing teams such as WordPress, Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc.
  3. Experience with GIT.



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